Files to download - 6.3

Talend Big Data Platform Installation Guide for Mac

Talend Big Data Platform
Talend Studio
Installation and Upgrade

Here are the files you need to download to install your Talend product:

License key

You should have received an email from Talend including your personal license key in a file with no extension.

The license key is mandatory to be able to access each module of Talend. Keep this file at hand in a safe place.

Software package

This page details the software package you need to download to install your Talend product.

In this page:

  • YYYYMMDD_HHmm corresponds to the package timestamp

  • A.B.C. corresponds to package version number (Major. Minor. Patch.)

The software modules must be all in the same versions/revisions. This means that both YYYYMMDD_HHmm and A.B.C must match on both client side and server side.

Table 1. Manual installation software package

Zip/jar file name


Studio IDE (GUI)

The links to download these packages are listed in your licence email.