Installing and configuring an Apache Subversion (SVN) server - 6.3

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This procedure describes how to install and configure an Apache Subversion (SVN) server in order to store all your project data (Jobs, Database connections, Routines, Joblets, etc.) in the shared Repository of the Talend Studio.

Download and install Bitnami Subversion Stack

  1. Download the SVN server installer, for example Bitnami Subversion Stack at

  2. Install it in the Applications/Utilities directory.


    Choose a port according to your environment. The default port 8080 clashes with Talend Administration Center.

  3. Launch Bitnami in a terminal.

    It will provide a step-by-step wizard.

Configure Bitnami

  1. Create a new repository and name it <my_repo>.

  2. Create a new user and define his user name and password.

  3. Grant read-write authorization to this user.