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  1. Double-click tDropboxConnection to open the component basic settings view.
  2. In the Access Token field, press Ctrl + Space to get the list of available parameters and select context.connection_dropbox_access_token.
    For further information about how to define/import context parameters, see Setting context parameters.
  3. Double-click tActionInput to open the component basic settings view.
  4. Click Edit schema and define the schema columns: First_name, Last_name, Address, zip, City, Country and Gender.
  5. Set the data type in the Type column and click OK.
  6. Accept to propagate the schema to all other components in the Job when prompted.
  7. Double-click tFileOutputExcel and set the following parameters in the component basic settings:
    • Select the Use Output Stream check box.

      In the File name/Stream field, press Ctrl+Space and from the global variable list select tDropboxPut_1.OUTPUTSTREAM to add the following value in the field (("tDropboxPut_1_OUTPUTSTREAM")).

  8. Double-click tDropboxPut to open the component basic settings view.
  9. Select the Use Existing Connection check box and select from the list the tDropboxConnection component used in the Job.
  10. For the Upload Mode, select the Rename if Existing option.
  11. Select the Expose As OutputStream option to upload data to Dropbox as a data flow.