Receiving data from an input flow and transmitting it for further processing (deprecated) - 7.0

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This scenario applies only to Talend Data Management Platform, Talend Big Data Platform, Talend Real Time Big Data Platform, Talend Data Services Platform, Talend MDM Platform and Talend Data Fabric.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

This scenario shows how to create a Source Integration Action which reads data from Dropbox and uses the tActionOutput component to transmit this data for further processing.

In this example:
  • The tDropboxConnection component opens a connection to Dropbox.

  • The tDropboxGet component downloads the input data as a flow.

  • The tFlowToIterate component reads data line by line from the input flow and stores the data entries in global variables.

  • The tFileInputExcel component reads data from the input flow which has been added in the auto-completion list (Ctrl+Space).

  • The tActionOutput component transmits data to the next step for further processing.

  • The exception handling subjob, jCloudLog, enables you to define log information, collect exception data and transfer it to the Studio console or to Talend Integration Cloud web application during execution. For further information, see Configuring logs and exceptions.