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About this task

Once you have selected Import configuration from local files in the import wizard, the following wizard is opened to help you select the Hadoop configuration files (mainly the *-site.xml files) to be used from the local machine.

From this wizard, proceed as follows:


  1. Click Browse... to access the folder in which the local configuration files to be used are stored and click OK to list the configurations in this wizard.
    It is recommended to store these configuration files using a short access path in the local machine.
    The following image shows some files used for the configuration of HDFS, MapReduce and YARN in Cloudera. These sample files are downloaded and automatically generated by Cloudera manager.
  2. From the configuration list, select the configurations to be imported, for example, those for HDFS and MAPREDUCE2, and click Finish.
    Then the relevant configuration information is automatically filled in the next step of the Hadoop cluster connection wizard.

  3. For this reason, it is important to select this check box to make your custom configuration override the default one.

  4. Click the Check services button to verify that the Studio can connect to the NameNode and the ResourceManager services you have specified in this wizard.
    A dialog box pops up to indicate the checking process and the connection status. If it shows that the connection fails, you need to review and update the connection information you have defined in the connection wizard.
  5. Click Finish to validate the changes.


If you need more details about the auto-completed fields in this Hadoop cluster connection wizard, see Configuring the connection manually