Installing or updating components using the Components Manager - 7.1

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Using the Components Manager, you can download and install new components and component updates that Talend provides out of regular software releases.

When a dialog box pops up notifying you that a component update is available for you to install, you can open the Components Manager directly from the dialog box. You can also open the Components Manager through the Help menu to check for available new components and/or updates.

If you are working on a remote project, you can:

  • configure whether to allow your Talend Studio to share automatically the installed component or component update to users connected to the same project.
  • configure how often your Talend Studio automatically checks for new components or component updates.

For more information, see Configuring component and component update sharing.

Before you begin

Make sure you have properly set up your artifact repository in your Talend Studio. For more information, see Artifact repository preferences (Talend > Artifact Repository > Repository Settings).


  1. Open the Components Manager dialog box by:
    • clicking the Show updates button on the pop-up Updates available dialog box.
    • selecting Components Manager from the Help menu.
    The Components Manager dialog box opens and your Talend Studio automatically starts checking for available new components and updates.
    Note: The availability of new components or component updates depends on the license you are using.
  2. Select:
    • the Search tab and then select from the drop-down list:
      • All Types to check for new components and component updates
      • Component to check for new components
      • Patch to check for component updates
    • the Update tab to check for component updates.

      You can also switch to the Update tab by clicking Show updates in the Search tab.

  3. Click Install or Update to download and install the corresponding component or update, or click Update all to install all available updates.
  4. Click Finish to close the dialog box and then restart your Talend Studio.


Upon successful installation, the new component or update will be ready for you use in your Jobs.