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About this task

To update the parameters of a repository item, complete the following:


  1. Expand the Metadata, or Contexts , or Joblets Designs node in the Repository tree view and browse to the relevant entry that you need to update.
  2. Right-click this entry and select the corresponding edit option in the contextual menu.
    A respective wizard displays where you can edit each of the definition steps for the entry parameters.
    When updating the entry parameters, you need to propagate the changes throughout numerous Jobs or all your Jobs that use this entry.
    A prompt message pops up automatically at the end of your update/modification process when you click the Finish button in the wizard.
  3. Click Yes to close the message and implement the changes throughout all Jobs impacted by these changes. For more information about the first way of propagating all your changes, see Updating impacted Jobs automatically.
    Click No if you want to close the message without propagating the changes. This will allow you to propagate your changes on the impacted Jobs manually on one by one basis. For more information on another way of propagating changes, see Updating impacted Jobs manually.