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The Text Compare editor is a two-pane comparison view that displays the different versions of a text-based project item between both branches.

To view and fix conflicts:
  • Click to show the ancestory pane, which shows the ancestory version of the compared versions if detected. This button is operable only for three-way comparison.

  • Click to toggle between two-way (ignoring the ancestor version) and three-way comparison.

  • Click the button to copy all the shown changes, or the button to copy the selected change, from right to left.

  • Click or to navigate through the differences.

  • Click or to navigate through the changes.

  • You can also edit text directly in the left pane to make changes to the version of the current branch.


After fixing conflicts in a conflicted editor, be sure to save your changes.

Note that if a centralized Repository item - a routine, a Job script, or an SQL script defined in the Repository for example - is called in a Job, fixing conflicts for the Repository item in the Text Compare editor does not automatically update the corresponding Job. When you open the Job in the Integration perspective, you will be asked whether to update your Job.