Accessing the System Routines - 7.1

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To access the system routines, click Code > Routines > system. The routines or functions are classed according to their usage.

Note: The system folder and its content are read only.

Each class or category in the system folder contains several routines or functions. Double-click the class that you want to open.

Note: If you have subscribed to one of the Talend solutions with the Profiling perspective, you will have access to routines specific to data quality in the Routines node. These data quality routines handle the first and last names and the titles.

All of the routines or functions within a class are composed of some descriptive text, followed by the corresponding Java code. In the Routines view, you can use the scrollbar to browse the different routines. Or alternatively:


  1. Press Ctrl+O in the routines view.
    A dialog box displays a list of the different routines in the category.
  2. Click the routine of interest.
    The view jumps to the section comprising the routine's descriptive text and corresponding code.
    Note: The syntax of routine call statements is case sensitive.