ExecutionStatus object definitions - 6.5

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See the list of ExecutionStatus objects and their definitions.

public static final int STATUS_INFO = 1 /* IStatus.INFO */;
  • Used to provide information; for example, to indicate the name of a map

  • Being invoked

public static final int STATUS_OK = 0 /* IStatus.OK */;
  • Generally not used for {@link StatusItem}

  • Includes the same semantics as STATUS_INFO

public static final int STATUS_WARN = 2 /* IStatus.WARNING */;
  • Indicates a warning that the map execution is valid but relatively minor

  • Encountered an issue

public static final int STATUS_ERROR = 4 /* IStatus.ERROR */;
Indicates an error that the map execution had problems that could affect the validity of the output; this still produces a map output
// Stay out of the way of the bits of the other status values
public static final int STATUS_FATAL = 0x40;
Indicates a fatal error that the execution of the map was aborted due to severe problems; for example, the input document could not be read; this results to no map output