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Build, deploy and run a test project using Azure DevOps and the Talend Cloud API Tester management API and Maven plugin.

In this example, you will:

  1. Create and configure an Azure DevOps project.
  2. Configure the Talend Cloud API Tester Maven plugin.
  3. Create a build pipeline, which uses configuration as a code with a YAML file. This pipeline builds and publishes a build artifact, a JAR file or a Docker image, for example.
  4. Create a release pipeline. A release pipeline is organized into stages, which may have pre-deployment or post-deployment conditions (user approval, for example). It is mainly used to deploy artifacts on environments.

For more information about Continuous Integration, see the Talend Software Development Life Cycle for Cloud - Best Practices Guide.

For more information about Azure DevOps, see the Azure DevOps documentation.