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Create a variable group in Azure DevOps to store sensitive variables and reuse them in your pipelines.

Before you begin

You have generated a Personal Access Token. For more information, see the Talend Cloud API Tester User Guide.


  1. Open your Azure DevOps project and go to Pipelines > Library.
  2. Click Variable group to create a new group.
  3. Enter a name, Talend variables for example, and make sure the Allow access to all pipelines option is enabled.
  4. Click Add under Variables and create the following variables:
    Name Value
    talend_account_id Your Talend Cloud Account ID. You can find it in the SUBSCRIPTION page of Talend Cloud Management Console.
    talend_personal_access_token The token to use to access the Talend Cloud API Tester Management API.
    You can click the lock to the right of each variable to hide the value.


  5. Click Save.


Your variables can now be used in your pipelines.