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Set up and manage your Account ID securely.

Test scenario automation through Maven is a paying feature, so you need to enter your Talend Cloud Account ID. Your ID is private to you and should not be published on a GitHub repository. A simple way to securely manage your Account ID is to add it as an environment variable in Travis CI settings.


  1. In your Travis CI project settings, go to the Environment Variables section, define a Name and enter your Account ID in the Value field, then click Add.
  2. Run the following script to pass the variable to Maven.
    - mvn test -Daccount_id=$ACCOUNT_ID
  3. Use this argument in your pom.xml configuration.

    Another valid option would be to store it as an encrypted string in your .travis.yml file.


    You can find sample .travis.yml and pom.xml files in in the Downloads tab on the left panel of this page.