Creating a new master data record - 6.2

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In this scenario, you are going to create a single new master data record in the Movie business entity that corresponds to the criteria you defined for the data model Movie.

  1. In the Menu panel, click Master Data Browser to open the Master Data Browser.

  2. Select the Movie entity from the Select an entity drop-down list.

    For the moment, no data records are displayed.

  3. Click the Create button to create a new empty record.

    In the new data record that opens, you can see some fields corresponding to the attributes you defined in the studio.

  4. Enter values for the mandatory fields Id, Title, ReleaseYear and Rating respectively.

    Note that a Rating must be of int type with a minimum value of 1 and a maximum value of 9 as you defined when setting up the data model. For more information, see Defining custom type attributes.

  5. Click Save and close to create your data record.

    A message pops up, showing that the record is saved successfully.

You have now created a master data record that is validated against all the criteria you defined for the data entity Movie in the studio.