Configuring the tXMLMap component - 7.0

Data Service and Routing Examples

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  1. Double-click tXMLMap to open its Map editor.
  2. To import the WSDL schema for the request, do the same as explained earlier when creating the data service provider. In this example, the request schema is getAirportInformationByISOCountryCode. For further information, see Configuring tXMLMap.
  3. Click country_code in the main flow table of the input side (left), hold and drop it to the Expression column corresponding to the tns:CountryAbbrviation node in the XML tree of the request table on the output side (right).
    Note: In the real-world operations, tXMLMap is able to handle the highly complex transformations of hierarchical data.

    For all of the available features of tXMLMap, see the tXMLMap operation section of the Talend Studio User Guide.

  4. Click OK to validate this configuration.