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The smooth running of the computer infrastructure is a critical part of any business. This requires constant system monitoring of network resources, to be aware of what is happening and of any problems that may arise, for example, in services being unavailable, or generating faults. In the event of emergencies, the system can be configured to notify key personnel about the problem and can help resolve it.

Hyperic is a cross platform monitoring system which is designed to monitor and control server resources. The system implements four general functions:

  • Discovery: HQ Agents that run on the machines in your environment automatically detect, or auto-discover, the software resources running on the machine. When HQ discovers a software resource, it collects key facts about it, including its type, vendor, version, and location

  • Monitoring: HQ agents track the current state of services and servers in real time, and automatic detect abnormalities

  • Alerts: this subsystem will notify you about problems at the resources that are monitored. Alerts can be sent to administrator using e-mail, a mobile phone or pager

  • Control: You can use HQ for remote control and administration of your software resources. Available control actions vary by resource type

You can find further information about Hyperic at the "Hyperic" site http://www.hyperic.com/. For more information about installing Hyperic, please see: http://support.hyperic.com/display/DOC/QuickStart+Installation.