Configuring response display - 7.1

Talend Connectors for BPM Reference Guide

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Design and Development


  1. Add a new task (Step 2) and an end event to the process model.
  2. Click the Step2 icon in the process model, then click the tools icon on the bottom-left corner, and select the Human icon to change the task type to Human.
  3. From the General view for this new human task, select the Actors tab and click the Choose... button.
  4. Select Initiator and click Finish to close the window.
  5. From the Application view, click the Entry Pageflow tab, click the Add... button next to the first table, and select the Create a new form option and click Next to create a form for this step.
  6. In the Create a new Form dialog box, select the userInfo variable and click Finish.
    A newly created form displays the userInfo variable. Edit the form as needed.