Introduction to Talend connectors for BPM - 7.1

Talend Connectors for BPM Reference Guide

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Talend connectors for BPM are deprecated.

Talend connectors for BPM are used to connect tasks or processes to information and resources provided by Talend.

Upon installation, you can select them from the Talend BPM connectors list use them wherever connectors are supported within a process model.

To install these connectors, unzip the file alend-bonita-connectors-<version>.zip under the Talend-ESB-<version>\add-ons\bpm\ directory of your Talend ESB to get the talend-bonita-connectors-<version> folder, and follow the installation steps detailed in the text file REAM_TALEND.txt included in the folder.

This documentation provides reference information and use cases about how to configure the BPM connectors provide by Talend in your process design.