Introduction to Talend Activity Monitoring Console - 6.4

Talend Activity Monitoring Console User Guide

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Talend Activity Monitoring Console
Administration and Monitoring

Talend Activity Monitoring Console is an add-on tool integrated in the studio and in Talend Administration Center for monitoring Talend Jobs and projects.

Talend Activity Monitoring Console helps Talend product administrators or users to achieve enhanced resource management and improved process performances through a convenient graphical interface and a supervising tool.

Talend Activity Monitoring Console provides detailed monitoring capabilities that can be used to consolidate the collected activity monitoring information, understand the underlying component and Job interaction, prevent faults that could be unexpectedly generated and support system management decisions.

For more information about how to access Talend Activity Monitoring Console, see Accessing the monitoring console.

For more information about the graphical user interface (GUI) of Talend Activity Monitoring Console, see GUI of the monitoring console.