Creating a data set as a user - 7.0

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From the user page of Talend Data Quality Portal, you can load XLS or CSV files to create data sets. Then, you can create Cockpit documents using these data sets.

For further information on how to create Cockpit documents, see How to create a Cockpit document.

Prerequisite(s): You have accessed Talend Data Quality Portal as a user.

  1. On the toolbar of the user page, click to open the My data page.

  2. Click CREATE DATASET to open the Dataset Wizard.

  3. Select the category of the data set from the Category list.

  4. Click Select file and select the file from which you want to retrieve the data.

  5. Click Upload file.

  6. Specify the delimiter character used to separate fields, the quote character used to identify strings and the encoding from the corresponding lists, and click Next.

  7. Define the metadata for all the fields of the dataset, and click Next to preview and validate the data set.

  8. If the validation does not find any errors, click Next.

  9. Specify a name and a description for the data set created, and click Confirm to save it.

    The data set you created is listed in the Datasets tab of the My data page: