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Talend Data Quality Portal User and Administrator Guide

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Talend Data Quality Portal provides access to a web user interface through which you can access a wide range of analytical tools including Reports, Analytical Processing and Custom Reports. These analytical tools use the statistical information stored in the database and resulted from the reports generated in Talend Studio on different analyses.

For more information about Talend Data Quality Portal analytical tools, see Analytical tools.


In the user page, the toolbar helps you access different analytical tools which combine views of indicator results with data quality reports.

The table below describes available icons in Talend Data Quality Portal.

User Menu ()



enables you to access all types of reports generated on the analyses done in Talend Studio and stored in the Portal database (datamart).

Access to advanced reports is only available from Talend Data Quality Portal. For more information, see Reports.

Custom Reports

enables you to access a page where you can build and save your customized queries you use to interrogate the datamart that stores the analysis results. For more information, see Custom Reports.


provides you with direct links to Talend MDM Web User Interface, Talend Drools or Talend Administration Center. For further information, see Accessing other Talend web applications from the Portal.

The table below describes the icons that provide you with quick access to commonly used operations.



translates the web user interface into any of the available languages.

opens the online help.

opens the Informations on SpagoBI window.

closes the open instance of the web user interface and goes back to Talend Data Quality Portal login window.


By clicking a menu icon in the web user interface, you can display the relative page and start deploying reports accordingly. The reports you generate from the Portal reuse the stored analysis results but they are not an exact copy of the reports generated in the Studio. While a report in the Studio can combine the results of different types of analyses in the same document, reports in the Portal are generated individually from different pages according to each analysis type and according to whether the report is a basic or an evolution report.

The figure below illustrates an example of a report in the web user interface of Talend Data Quality Portal.


A dedicated Job can be scheduled in Talend Administration Center to automatically launch analyses on a regular (or event-triggered) basis to reflect changes in the monitored databases. These new analysis results can then be accessed by simply launching the relevant reports directly from Talend Data Quality Portal.