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Talend Data Quality Portal User and Administrator Guide

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Roles in Talend Data Quality Portal are used to associate permissions to document templates. Depending on the assigned roles, end-users may have access to number of parameters when generating reports, dashboards, etc.

When you accessTalend Data Quality Portal for the first time as an administrator, you will see that some functional roles are already defined in the Portal. As responsibilities are different from one role to the other, it is important to be aware of role differences prior to assigning a role to a user. For further information on Portal roles, see User roles.


Talend Data Quality Portal groups the administrator, developer and tester roles under one role: BI administrator. When you access the Portal as an administrator, you can: create document templates, test the document templates, validate the tested document templates to make them available for the end-user and finally manage the end user page and security aspects.

As an administrator, you can also create roles other than the listed ones depending on the business needs of your enterprise.