TPS-4348 (cumulative patch) - 7.2

Talend Data Fabric
Talend Data Preparation

TPS-4348 (cumulative patch)

Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20200911_TPS-4348_v1-3.1.6
Release Date 20200911
Target Version 3.1.6
Product affected Talend Data Preparation


This patch is cumulative. It includes all previous generally available patches for Talend Data Preparation 3.1.1 (that means no patch)

NOTE: For information on how to obtain this patch, reach out to your Support contact at Talend.

Fixed issues

This patch contains the following fixes:

  • TPS-4348 [7.2.1] Hive dataset displays null values if * wildcard is used in select query (TDP-9264)
  • TPS-4173 [7.2.1] Configuring X-Frame-Options doesn't seem to work(TDP-8971)
  • TPS-4084 [7.2/3.1.1] Not able to open a preparation with a bad filter (TDP-8601)


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Talend Data Preparation 3.1.1 must be installed.


From your Talend DataPreparation installation directory (such as Talend-DataPreparation-Server-full-V3.1.1):

  1. Stop the Data Preparation server:

    # Unix
    # Windows
  2. Backup the /lib and /data folders

  3. Backup your data (Data Prep Mongo database)

Installing the patch

From your Talend DataPreparation installation directory (such as Talend-DataPreparation-Server-full-V3.1.1):

  1. remove existing libraries:

    rm lib/dataprep-*.jar
    rm lib/dataquality-*.jar
    rm lib/java-jwt*.jar
  2. unzip the path file with the command below:

  3. Copy files from the patch into your Data preparation installation

    cp Patch_20200911_TPS-4348_v1-3.1.6/lib/*.jar lib/
  4. Restart the Data Preparation server:

    # Unix
    # Windows


From your Talend DataPreparation installation directory (such as Talend-DataPreparation-Server-full-V3.1.1):

  1. Stop the Data Preparation server

  2. Restore your mongo database backup and the backup /lib and /data folders into your Talend DataPreparation installation directory.

  3. Restart the Data Preparation server

Affected files for this patch

The following files are installed by this patch:

  • dataprep-3rdparty-tableau-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-app-common-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-core-1.2.32.jar
  • dataprep-core-actions-1.2.32.jar
  • dataprep-ee-acl-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-ee-api-3.1.6-lib.jar
  • dataprep-ee-async-api-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-ee-async-runtime-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-ee-avro-message-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-ee-backend-service-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-ee-backend-util-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-ee-batch-3.1.6-lib.jar
  • dataprep-ee-dataset-3.1.6-lib.jar
  • dataprep-ee-fullrun-3.1.6-lib.jar
  • dataprep-ee-gateway-zuul-3.1.6-lib.jar
  • dataprep-ee-maintenance-3.1.6-lib.jar
  • dataprep-ee-metrics-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-ee-preparation-3.1.6-lib.jar
  • dataprep-ee-transformation-3.1.6-lib.jar
  • dataprep-ee-upgrade-3.1.6-lib.jar
  • dataprep-ee-upgrade-common-3.1.6.jar
  • dataprep-ee-webapp-3.1.6-dist.jar
  • dataquality-common-7.0.1.jar
  • dataquality-converters-7.0.1.jar
  • dataquality-datamasking-7.0.2.jar
  • dataquality-magicfill-7.0.2.jar
  • dataquality-parsing-7.0.2.jar
  • dataquality-parsing-fullname-7.0.2.jar
  • dataquality-phone-7.0.1.jar
  • dataquality-record-linkage-7.0.1.jar
  • dataquality-semantic-7.0.2.jar
  • dataquality-semantic-consumer-2.8.1.jar
  • dataquality-semantic-consumer-services-2.8.1.jar
  • dataquality-semantic-consumer-spring-boot-starter-2.8.1.jar
  • dataquality-semantic-message-avro-2.8.1.jar
  • dataquality-semantic-model-7.0.2.jar
  • dataquality-semantic-producer-model-2.8.1.jar
  • dataquality-semantic-properties-manager-2.8.1.jar
  • dataquality-statistics-7.0.1.jar
  • java-jwt-3.8.1.jar