Installing and configuring a versioning and revision control system on Windows - 6.5

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Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform supports Git and Subversion as the software versioning and revision control systems. Talend uses them through Talend Administration Center as a repository for Talend projects to store Jobs, connections, schema definitions, custom jars, third-party libraries, and properties files.

You can install both or either of these systems on your computer. This section describes how to install and configure Subversion on Windows. For Unix based Operating Systems, Talend recommends that you to let the Talend Installer install it on your machine. For how to install and configure Git, see the Talend Installation Guide.


  1. From the VISUALSVN SERVER // Download page, click 64-bit to download VisualSVN Server.
  2. Follow VisualSVN steps to install the VisualSVN Server.
  3. Start VisualSVN Server to create a new repository and a user.
  4. In VisualSVN Server, right-click on Repositories and click Create new repository....
  5. In the Create new Repository wizard, select the default options until the end, in the Repository Name field, name the new repository gettingstarted_repo for example, and click Create and Finish.
  6. Back in the main window, right-click the newly created gettingstarted_repo and select Properties....
  7. In the Properties wizard, click Add... and click Create user....
  8. In the Create New User wizard, define a user name and password: admin/admin for example, and click OK to all the wizards.

    The admin user has now Read / Write permissions to access the repository gettingstarted_repo.


Your SVN server is now installed and the repository is ready to store all Talend projects. The URL to this repository and the user's credentials will be needed later on to configure the Talend Administration Center Web application used to manage the projects.