Deploy SAM into Apache Tomcat - 7.1

Talend Open Studio for ESB Installation and Upgrade Guide for Linux

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  1. Copy the sam-server-war.war file of the Talend-ESB-VA.B.C/add-ons/sam directory.
  2. Paste it in the <TomcatPath>/webapps directory. The next time you will start Tomcat, the SAM Server application will automatically be deployed on the server.
    To do it in command line, you can use the following command:
    cp Talend-ESB-VA.B.C/add-ons/sam/sam-server-war.war <TomcatPath>/webapps
  3. You can check whether the SAM Server has been successfully installed and is running by going to the following URL: http://localhost:8080/sam-server-war/services/sam
    Warning: http://localhost:8080/sam-server-war/services/sam is only given as example. Depending on your configuration, you may have to replace <localhost> with the IP address of the web server and <8080> with the actual port used for the application.