Applying scripts to Sonatype Nexus 3 - 7.1

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Installation and Upgrade
Depending on which version of Nexus 3 you downloaded from the Sonatype web site, you may need to run Talend scripts to fully access its features with Talend Administration Center.

Before you begin

  • Talend Administration Center must be installed on your machine to access the necessary files.

  • Determine which Nexus version you installed.


  1. Log into your Nexus 3 Repository Manager as an administrator.
  2. Click the icon in the header to access the Administration page.
  3. Select System > API from the menu tree.
  4. Scroll down to the script section and click POST to add a new script.
  5. Locate the Talend scripts to Nexus.
    The scripts are located in the file. This file is located in the following location: <TalendAdministrationCenterInstallationDirectory>/repository/nexus/migration-<version>/.
    The file contains three JSON files:
    • healthCheck.json
    • repositoriesList.json
    • search.json
  6. Copy the content of the JSON file into the body field, then click Try it out.
    1. If you are running Nexus 3.15, add only the search.json file.
    2. If you are running Nexus 3.9, add all three scripts individually.

    For Nexus 3.15, if you do not add the search.json script, the patches will not be detected and installed on the Talend Studio side, and you might experience synchronization issues between modules.

    For more information on managing and running scripts in Nexus 3, refer to Managing and Running Scripts on the Sonatype web site.