Configuring the JVM for your Talend JobServer (optional) - 7.1

Talend Big Data Platform Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
Talend JobServer allows you to choose another JVM than the one used by default to launch your Jobs.


  1. Go to the directory <root>/conf/, where <root> is the Talend JobServer path, and open the file to edit it.
  2. In the line dedicated to the Job launcher path, add the path to your java executable after the equal sign.
    # Set the executable path of the binary which will run the job, for example: /usr/bin/java/java or "c:\\Program Files\\Java\\bin\\java.exe"

    The use of quotes is only necessary when your path contains spaces, as shown in the capture. Otherwise, type in the path without quotes.

  3. Save your changes and close the file.


The next time you launch Talend JobServer, the java executable used will be the one you have previously set in the file.