Copying the libraries, the resources and the .war file - 7.1

Talend Big Data Platform Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade


  1. Copy the content of dqportal/resources/common/lib into <TomcatPath>/lib.
  2. Copy the dqportal/resources/common/resources folder at the root of the Apache Tomcat installation directory.
    Edit the host and port information (localhost:8080 by default) in the following files according to your installation:
    • resources/static_menu/talend_drools.html
    • resources/static_menu/talend_tac.html
    • resources/static_menu/talendmdm.html
  3. Copy the dqportal/resources/hsql/webapps/tdqportal.war file into <TomcatPath>/webapps.
  4. Copy all files from resources/common/webapps to <TomcatPath>/webapps.
  5. Start the Apache Tomcat server to enable the deployment of tdqportal.war, SpagoBIQbeEngine.war and some other .war files copied to <TomcatPath>/webapps. This will create the <TomcatPath>/webapps/tdqportal/WEB-INF/lib folder, the <TomcatPath>/webapps/SpagoBIQbeEngine/WEB-INF/lib folder, and many other folders.
  6. Copy the jdbc .jar file for the data mart database into <TomcatPath>/lib or into <TomcatPath>/webapps/tdqportal/WEB-INF/lib and webapps/SpagoBIQbeEngine/WEB-INF/lib (recommended).
    Note that the JAR version must match the data mart database version.
  7. Restart Apache Tomcat to have changes in the .lib file take effect.