Configuring logs for Talend Data Stewardship - 7.1

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Installation and Upgrade

Talend Data Stewardship logs allows you to analyze and debug the activity of Talend Data Stewardship.

Talend Data Stewardship logs are located in <Data_Stewardship_Path>/apache-tomcat/logs. The catalina.out file is an aggregated version of all the available log files.


  1. Open the following files:
    • <Data_Stewardship_Path>/apache-tomcat/conf/data-stewardship-core-logback.xml for the core backend service log

    • <Data_Stewardship_Path>/apache-tomcat/conf/data-stewardship-history-logback.xml for the history service log

    • <Data_Stewardship_Path>/apache-tomcat/conf/data-stewardship-schema-logback.xml for the schemas management service log

  2. Add the following line before the <root> element:
    <logger name="org.talend" level="DEBUG"/>


The log information level is now set to DEBUG, but you can set it to another value. For more information on log levels, see