Configuring a database on PostgreSQL - 7.3

Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade

Before you begin

Make sure the database you are using meet the requirements described in Compatible databases and the following ones.


  1. Log in to an existing database as a database superuser or a user who has CREATEROLE and CREATEDB privileges.
    $ psql <DATABASE_NAME>
  2. Create a user MM and a database MM with the following privileges.
    -- Delete previous user if needed
                            DROP USER "MM";
                            -- If the user cannot be dropped due to any ownership issues, you'll need to reassign those objects to another user
                            REASSIGN OWNED BY "MM" TO <OTHER-USER-NAME>;                         
                            -- Or drop those objects
                            DROP OWNED BY "MM";
                            -- Create a database MM with UTF8 encoding. You may use a different tablespace.
                            CREATE DATABASE MM;
                            -- Create a user MM with LOGIN privilege
                            CREATE ROLE MM WITH LOGIN PASSWORD 'MM123!';
                            -- Grant privileges on MM database to MM user
                            GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE MM TO MM;
  3. For maintenance reasons, PostgreSQL database indexes can be rebuilt as follows.
    • Stop the Talend Data Catalog application server.
    • Run the following command under the MS-DOS command prompt assuming postgresql/bin is in the system path.
      reindexdb --username=MM --dbname=MM -v
    • Restart the Talend Data Catalog application server.
    For more information on reindexdb, refer to the PostgreSQL documentation.