Upgrading Tomcat with current patches - 7.3

Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
For security and vulnerability reasons, make sure you apply any current patches from that version of Tomcat.


  1. Check the version of Apache Tomcat that was bundled within your Talend Data Catalog which is expressed in <TDC_HOME>/TalendDataCatalog/Documentation/License/MIMM-ThirdParty-LICENSES.html and <TDC_HOME>/TalendDataCatalog/tomcat/RELEASE-NOTES.
  2. Download the latest patch version within the same major version.
  3. Unzip the package in a temporary directory.
  4. Stop Talend Data Catalog (Apache Tomcat) Application Server.
  5. Copy the lib directory from that temporary directory to <TDC_HOME>/TalendDataCatalog/tomcat/lib, overwriting files if necessary.
  6. Restart Talend Data Catalog (Apache Tomcat) Application Server.