Workflow roles - 6.5

Talend Metadata Manager: Explorer User Guide

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A user with the Administrator security role can enable the workflow from Metadata Manager and assign the following workflow roles to a category Metadata Explorer:
  • Reviewer
  • Editor
  • Approver
  • Publisher

A workflow role can be assigned to users and applies to all terms in the category. A category inherits all user-to-role assignments from the parent category and can have additional ones.

Workflow action / roles Reviewer Editor Approver Publisher
Propose Candidate/Term
Create Draft
Delete Term
Start Review
Mark for Deprecation
Submit for Approval
Send to Draft
Recommend Approval
Request Change
Reject (Awaiting Approval)
Reject (Approved)
Publish (Deprecate)
Create and edit attributes and relations
Remove attributes and relations
Add, edit or remove comments
Edit or remove comments from other users
Create, edit or remove attachments
Assign roles to users and groups
Start/stop workflows and reassign tasks