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When opening glossaries, several actions are available to edit them.

Business glossary without a workflow from the glossary details page:

Business glossary with a workflow from the glossary details page:

The table below describes the different actions that you can perform on your glossaries.

Note: Some actions can be performed depending on your assigned security roles and, if the glossary has a workflow.
Icon Action Description
Search in model This button opens a new search page.
Open in Metadata Manager This button opens your metadata element in Metadata Manager.
Open business glossary This button opens a business glossary report where you can visualize direct and remote links, direct and remote definitions and glossary lookups, related to your glossary.
More actions This button opens a menu where you can choose more actions for your glossary.
Import glossary objects/relationships You can import glossary objects or relationships from a CSV file.

Export glossary objects

Export glossary relationships

You can download glossary objects or relationships, as a CSV file.

Open development version

When working on a glossary with a workflow, a user with appropriate permissions can have access to the development version of the configuration by clicking this option.
Show audit log You can produce an audit log of activity at any level in your business glossary.
Compare with... You can compare the opened version of your business glossary with a version of another source.
Compare with previous version You can compare the opened version of your business glossary with a previous one.