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When selecting categories, several actions are available to edit them.

Categories in a business glossary without workflow from the Display Grid view:
Categories in a business glossary with workflow from the Display Grid view:
The table below describes the different actions that you can perform on your categories.
Note: Some actions can be performed depending on your assigned security roles and, if the glossary has a workflow.
Icon Action Description
Open in Metadata Manager This button opens your metadata element in Metadata Manager.
Move to a different category Select the new target parent category where you want to move your metadata element.

You can modify the properties of your metadata element, such as Definition, Steward(s) or Label(s).

Select a property, choose an action and, if necessary, enter a value.

You can also add a comment decribing your changes and visualize it in the audit log.

Delete A confirmation dialog opens before deleting the category.
More actions This button opens a menu where you can choose more actions for your category.

Export glossary objects

Export glossary relationships

You can download glossary objects or relationships, as a CSV file.
Assign workflow roles

When working on a glossary with a workflow, a user with appropriate permissions can assign workflow roles to a user or a group of users, such as Reviewer, Editor, Approver and Publisher.

For more information, see Assigning a workflow role.

Search text In the Search text bar, enter the first letters of your category you want to edit and click the Apply filter button.
Show filter popup This button opens a dialog box where you can add or edit filter elements.
Preferences This button opens a menu where you can manage and sort the list of your categories.
Display summary Visualize the name and the description of your categories.
Display grid Edit any property of your categories directly in the row.
Toggle selection mode Select multiple categories to edit them at once.
Download as CSV You can download the list of your categories, as a CSV file.
Add a new category Enter the name and the description of your new category.