Glossary workflow - 6.5

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Design and Development

By default, a business glossary will have no workflow requirement (including no approval process). In this simple state, changes made to the business glossary are reflected immediately throughout the system. This is a very useful mode for organizations that did not want the complexity of a workflow process. It is also useful for other organizations when they are first building and populating a business glossary and related semantic mappings.

Talend Metadata Manager also provides a very flexible and complete set of possible workflow and publication processes that you may employ. Choose these processes carefully, as once selected they cannot be undone or changed.

When your company would like to have a formal glossary development process that involves multiple users you can enable the glossary workflow. The workflow is prepackaged sequence of glossary activities around term proposal, review, acceptance, publishing and depreciation. It is a flexible process that can be customized to require only publishing activity, approval with or without review, approval and review by one or multiple users, etc.