Versioning and workflow - 6.5

Talend Metadata Manager: Explorer User Guide

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A configuration is a collocation of particular version of models. A configuration may have one or more configuration versions.

Versions are individual objects within the Repository and represent the object’s contents at a specific point in time. For example, you want to maintain a version history for each harvest or upload of a model.

The user of Metadata Explorer is restricted to a single configuration, and thus in all cases this user interface only shows one version of a model.

When you enable workflow, Talend Metadata Manager creates another version of the business glossary, named Published. The Published version is the one that is to be presented to most of the users. You can't directly edit its contents, with or without permission.

You can edit the business glossary by opening its Development version and then use the Publish workflow step to change what is in its Published version.

In this way, general users have access to the Published version, and users who can review and edit the business glossary have also an access to the Development version.