What is Talend Metadata Manager? - 6.5

Talend Metadata Manager: Explorer User Guide

Talend Metadata Manager
Talend Metadata Manager Platform
Talend Metadata Manager Platform Advanced
Design and Development

Talend Metadata Manager accelerates time to compliance and improves data accessibility with detailed information about metadata in a data landscape. It harvests metadata from data stores, modeling tools, ETL, and analytics tools to generate a holistic view of the information supply chain in a language that everyone can understand.

Talend Metadata Manager includes:
  • Business Glossary
  • Data Governance
  • Metadata comparison, integration and mapping
  • Version and configuration management (with Talend Metadata Manager Platform Advanced)
  • Data life cycle related metadata management
  • Lineage and impact analysis
  • Enterprise architecture development, management and deployment
  • Data documentation
  • Data mapping specifications, design and forward-engineering

Talend Metadata Manager editions

The application is delivered in two different editions:
  • Talend Metadata Manager Platform addresses new projects developed with Talend data platform.
  • Talend Metadata Manager Platform Advanced addresses enterprise level initiatives that span across new projects and legacy systems.

User and group assignments

Administrators is the predefined user group that creates users and assigns them to groups.

Groups are used in user interface and role assignments.

Generally, each group represents specific role functions in an organization, such as business users, data stewards and analysts, IT architects and developers.

Talend Metadata Manager user interfaces

The application provides two user interfaces:
  • Metadata Explorer: Business users, data stewards and analysts can explore the information system metadata. They can also perform impact analysis and data lineage.
  • Metadata Manager: IT architects and developers can build and maintain the metadata repository, collect metadata and design the enterprise system architecture.

    Administrators can manage users and groups.

Role-based access control

Talend Metadata Manager provides two types of roles:
  • A security role: determines which actions a user or group can perform on metadata objects.

    There are predefined security roles, including Viewer, Editor and Manager.

    For more information, see Security roles.

  • A workflow role: applies to terms of a business glossary.

    There are predefined workflow roles, including Reviewer, Editor, Approver and Publisher.

    For more information, see Workflow roles.