Activating AWS PrivateLink with Talend - Cloud

AWS PrivateLink with Talend

Talend Cloud
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  1. In your AWS VPC, create the endpoint to be used for PrivateLink and ensure to enable private DNS names for this endpoint. If you need assistance to do this, contact the administrator of your AWS system.


    Once done, in the Details tab of this PrivateLink endpoint, the following Talend specific DNS names appear:
    • <env>.
    • *.<env>.

    Depending on the region of your Talend service, the value of this <env> varies, for example, it could be us.

    The service name distributed to this PrivateLink endpoint is also Talend specific, depending on the region of the Talend Cloud to be used:
    Talend AWS regions Talend specific PrivateLink service names Disaster Recovery URLs
    EU Not available for technical preview
    US Not available for technical preview
    AP com.amazonaws.vpce.ap-northeast-1.vpce-svc-06f41393a31a38a16 Not available for technical preview
  2. Send to Talend a request for PrivateLink pairing with Talend Cloud.
    Note that you need to provide Talend with the following information:
    • The Endpoint ID of the VPC running the PrivateLink connections to be activated.
    • Your AWS account ID.
    • The Talend region in which you want to establish PrivateLink connections to Talend Cloud.
  3. Wait for Talend to accept the PrivateLink pairing.

    Once receiving your request, Talend sends this request to a verification workflow and eventually accepts the PrivateLink pairing from your VPCs. Then Talend informs you of this update.

  4. Deploy Talend Remote Engine as usual. If your engines have been already deployed, restart them.
    All Talend engines on a same VPC must be all using PrivateLink or none using PrivateLink. If you want some engines to use PrivateLink and some others not to, use multiple VPCs.


Starting from the date your request is received, the entire process takes up to 5 business days.