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Talend Data Management Platform

Enhanced COBOL support

When you import a COBOL copybook, the default representation is now COBOL. In previous versions, it was Flat.

You can now also automatically resolve choices/redefines in COBOL (a form of polymorphism) instead of relying on user-defined expressions.

These changes make it easier to bring large and complex mainframe files into a Data Lake for further processing and analytics.

Data masking

New data masking features in Talend Data Mapper allow the masking of fields in hierarchical data (such as JSON). As a result, if you provide structured hierarchical data to third parties (as opposed to flat files), you can now mask sensitive or restricted data directly as part of the mapping job.

Multi-input hierarchical mapping

You can now have multiple sources going into Talend Data Mapper, which lets you performs lookups and joins, and more generally handle advanced mapping use cases directly in a GUI.

XML Schema Importer

The XML Schema importer has been rewritten. With this tool, you can import XML Schema Definition (XSD) or Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) to the Talend Data Mapper.

OpenAPI Specification 2.0 Importer

Importing an OpenAPI Specification file is now possible. When you import such files, Talend Data Mapper extracts the descriptions of the data structures and creates a Structure with a default JSON representation.

External Name

The External Name field is added into the Talend Data Mapper elements in the Structure editor. This field allows the processing of element names that include blank space, the $ dollar sign, or other special characters.

New runtime
  • The Cobol representation has been moved to the non-Eclipse runtime in this release. When you execute a map that reads or writes in Cobol, the complete transformation runs on the new non-Eclipse runtime.
  • The XML readers and writers have also been moved to the non-Eclipse runtime.
Trim whitespace

When working with the Cobol representation, you can select the Trim whitespace on input check box if you wish to remove any leading or trailing whitespaces during execution of a map.

Test preferences

You can enable or disable the use of map execution properties for the Test Run mode or specify the properties for the Map representation.


In Talend Data Mapper, you may use the defined properties for the execution of a map in Test Run mode. The properties are loaded to the map execution context before executing Test Run.

Generated map test
Using tHMap, you can test the generated Talend Data Mapper map in Test Run mode.
Die on error

If you use the tHMapRecord and tHMapFile components, the Die on error check box is selected by default. To skip any rows on error and complete the process for error-free rows, you can deselect the check box.