Creating Views - 6.5

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Before business users are able to extract and query master data in Talend MDM Web UI , you need to create one or more Views in Talend Studio.

These Views specify which data records within an entity a business user is allowed to search and view, and may also set conditions that filter which content can be delivered as the result of a search.


  1. In the data model editor, right-click an entity for which you want to create a view and select Generate default Browse Items Views.
  2. Click Finish to validate your changes.

    The Movie view is listed under the View node in the MDM Repository tree view.

  3. Double-click the view node to open its editor. By default, the Viewable Business Elements and Searchable Business Elements areas in the View are populated with the top five attributes of the entity.
  4. Follow the same steps to create a View Director and a View Customer.


Your Views now exist in the MDM Repository tree view.