TPS-4645 (cumulative patch) - 7.0

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TPS-4645 (cumulative patch)

Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20210226_TPS-4645_v1-7.0.1
Release Date 2021-02-26
Target Version 20180411_1414-V7.0.1
Product affected Talend Administrator Center


This patch is cumulative. It includes all previous generally available patches for Talend Administrator Center 7.0.1.

NOTE: To download this patch, liaise with your Support contact at Talend.

Fixed issues

This patch is cumulative and contains the following fixes:

  • TPS-2451 [7.0.1] Failed to access mdm with sso user with mdm web role (TMC-12864)
  • TPS-2508 [7.0.1] [sso configuration] have dropdown list instead of button to upload plugins (TMC-12188)
  • TPS-2506 [7.0.1] [SSO] Add possibility to redirect browser to provided URL on logout. (TMC-10388)
  • TPS-2507 [7.0.1] TAC user session management (TMC-6049)
  • TPS-2542 [7.0.1] Jobserver scheduled job fails with "job is null" after several iterations after jobcleaner run (TPSVC-5087).
  • TPS-2559 [7.0.1] TAC - Job Conductor from Nexus do not show published job (TMC-13301)
  • TPS-2580 [7.0.1] Cannot Delete a Task related to Big Data Streaming Job in TAC (TMC-13523)
  • TPS-2573 [7.0.1] Create tasks from artificats use latest version doesnt pick up latest from nexus3 (TMC-13277)
  • TPS-2634 [7.0.1] Variable Contexts Of BD Streaming Job Cannot be all Displayed in Tac Streaming Conductor (TMC-13929)
  • TPS-2959 [7.0.1] Nexus anonymous user needed to get context list to deploy ESB artifacts (TESB-24230)
  • TPS-2701 [7.0.1] Cannot add a user depending on # of security administrator (TMC-11071)
  • TPS-2725 [7.0.1] Adding Users with Apostrophes (Integration with Active Directory (A/D)) (TAC-11851)
  • TPS-2724 [7.0.1] File Trigger of Execution Plan not working
  • TPS-2739 [7.0.1] Execution plan stuck at "waiting for the task to end" (TAC-11849)
  • TPS-2722 [7.0.1] TAC 6.5.1 SSL via HAProxy blank page (TAC-4131)
  • TPS-2719 [7.0.1] JAVA SSL KeyStore Password Disclosure Vulnerability (TAC-4147, TAC-3044)
  • TPS-2813 [7.0.1] The "executiontaskjobprm" table keeps growing (TAC-12080)
  • TPS-2778 [7.0.1] case Sensitive Tac filter column(TAC-11901)
  • TPS-2797 [7.0.1] Unable to see all the published versions of a task in job conductor (only with Nexus 3) (TAC-11929)
  • TPS-2864 [7.0.1] Better handling issues with disk storage (TAC-11987)
  • TPS-2913 [7.0.1] Backport of TAC-12222
  • TPS-2961 [7.0.1] Talend Data Management Platform - Definitive License - Q-53362 - MOOG (TAC-12235)
  • TPS-2969 [7.0.1] Migration error during TAC DB migration (TAC-12385,TAC-12354)
  • TPS-2996 [7.0.1] Nexus 3.15.2 support by TAC (TAC-12490)
  • TPS-2959 [7.0.1] Nexus anonymous user needed to get context list to deploy ESB artifacts (TESB-24230)
  • TPS-3022 [7.0.1] Not able to see check points for sub-jobs which were configured to run as part of Execution plan (TAC-12477)
  • TPS-3052 [7.0.1] Issue adding new user even though license seat is available and getting license seat error on activating NPA Security Admin user (TAC-12514)
  • TPS-3069 [7.0.1] Create Metaservlet to fix User-group bidirectional relation and project authorization datas (TAC-10341)
  • TPS-3092 [7.0.1] Task not restarted on second jobserver (TAC-11964, TAC-3747)
  • TPS-3118 [7.0.1] Unable to set 'Use Latest Version' field while creating or updating the task using metaservlet (TAC-12647)
  • TPS-3129 [7.0.1] Execution plan stuck at "waiting for the task to end" (TAC-12677)
  • TPS-3196 [7.0.1] Jobs not getting triggered due to JobPrmHelper thread (TAC-12930)
  • TPS-3226 [7.0.1] Pause/Resume execution plans via Metaservlet (TAC-4152)
  • TPS-3032 [7.0.1] TAC 'Execution Plan' screen refresh freakout (TAC-5145)
  • TPS-3309 [7.0.1] One vulnerability of TAC detected (TAC-12565)
  • TPS-3330 [7.0.1] Execution Plan built with "Add After", should not show Error Status as Ok if any of the tasks fail (TAC-12703)
  • TPS-3396 [7.0.1] File triggers will not be misfired (TAC-13168)
  • TPS-3418 [7.0.1] File trigger passes an incorrect context value when context name is "fileName" on child job (TAC-13205)
  • TPS-3433 [7.0.1] Task Launched issue, thread is exhausted with only 100 triggers(TAC-13307)
  • TPS-3601 [7.0.1] Tasks are stuck in running state(TAC-12559)
  • TPS-3508 [7.0.1] TAC not balancing the load equally among Virtual jobservers when jobs deployed simultaneously. (TAC-13052)
  • TPS-3526 [7.0.1] Cannot create Git project from TAC - "Ref refs/remotes/origin/master can not be resolved" (TAC-12660)
  • TPS-3576 [7.0.1] job is null captured in the execution plan of 7.0.1 Tac (TAC-13222)
  • TPS-3647 [7.0.1] create Git project failed with TPS-3433
  • TPS-3671 [7.0.1] Refactoring and improvements related to TAC synchronization (TAC-13568,TAC-13231,TAC-12828)
  • TPS-3762 [7.0.1] Batch update returned unexpected row count from update [6]; actual row count: 0; expected: 1 (TAC-13428)
  • TPS-3716 [7.0.1] Sort error on JobConductor (TAC-13674)
  • TPS-4155 [7.0.1] Cannot delete task from execution plan (TAC-13734)
  • TPS-4200 [7.0.1] org.talend.administrator.common.exception.DBException: !!!Cannot flush and commit transaction.!!! (TAC-13204)
  • TPS-4312 [7.0.1] Intermittent issue of StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for TaskExecutionHistoryLogge(TAC-14039)
  • TPS-4609 [7.0.1] "Generated Job Not Found" error thrown on restart of Jobserver (TAC-14479)
  • TPS-4645 [7.0.1] TAC Freeze (TAC-14893)


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Talend Administrator Center 7.0.1 must be installed.


  1. Logon TAC and switch to Configuration->Software Update, then enter the correct values and save referring to the documentation:
  2. Switch to Software update page, where the new patch will be listed. The patch can be downloaded from here into the nexus repository.
  3. Login to local Nexus, and download the patch file.
  4. Stop the TAC.
  5. Create a patch directory (eg: <Talend>/TAC_Patch).
  6. Unzip patch file you received from support into this directory, then unzip the org.talend.administrator.war file as org.talend.administrator folder. (Note: Please rename org.talend.administrator-7.0.1.war if your old tac application folder has a different name. Set the name as same as your old TAC application name).
  7. Create a backup directory (eg: <Talend>/TAC_Backup).
  8. Copy folder <Tomcat>/webapps/org.talend.administrator into the backup directory.
  9. In <Tomcat>/webapps/ directory, remove the previous org.talend.administrator folder, then copy the org.talend.administrator folder from step6 and paste in the current directory.
  10. Restore TAC configuration by replacing <Tomcat>/webapps/org.talend.administrator/WEB-INF/classes/ and with ones from your backup directory.


    • If your TAC db is H2 db and embedded in TAC web folder (<Tomcat>/webapps/org.talend.administrator/WEB-INF/database by default), don't forget to restore H2 db by replacing this folder with the exact corresponding folder from your backup directory.
    • If your TAC works with SSO, you should restore the IDP Metadata file (<Tomcat>/webapps/org.talend.administrator/WEB-INF/classes/IDPMetadata.xml) from your backup directory.
  11. Restart the TAC.


    • It's recommended to clear browser cache after TAC patch were applied.
    • After TAC patch were applied, please also update Jobserver to the patch that include changes from TPS-2542.
    • For TPS-2813, please clean the executiontaskjobprm table manually at same time. For example(mysql script): DELETE FROM executiontaskjobprm WHERE executiontaskjobprm_executiontask_e_id IS NULL;
    • Patch TPS-2724 contains changes for the "executiontask" table, you will have to do migration on dbconfig page, or use SQL statement for instead: update executiontask set uniqueid = concat('ep-',id) where dtype = 'ExecutionPlan';