Launching the Studio for the first time - 6.5

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality Getting Started Guide

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality
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Installation and Upgrade

The Studio installation directory contains binaries for several platforms including Mac OS X and Linux/Unix.

To open the Talend Studio for the first time, do the following:


  1. Double-click the executable file corresponding to your operating system, for example:
    • TOS_*-win-x86_64.exe, for Windows.

    • TOS_*-linux-gtk-x86_64, for Linux.

    • TOS_*, for Mac.

  2. In the User License Agreement dialog box that opens, read and accept the terms of the end user license agreement to proceed.


The Talend Studio opens briefly, then the Connect to TalendForge wizard opens. You can connect to it to benefit from the Talend community or Skip this step.