TPS-3165 - 7.1

Talend Data Fabric
Talend Studio


Info Value
Patch Name Patch_20190612_TPS-3165_v1_7.1.1
Release Date 2019-06-12
Target Verson 20181026_1147-7.1.1
Product affected Talend Studio


This patch is cumulative. It includes all previous generally available patches for Talend Studio 7.1.1.

NOTE: To download this patch, liaise with your Support contact at Talend.

Fixed issues

This patch contains the following fixes:

  • TPS-3165 [7.1.1] Updating Context doesn't update the route's context (TESB-25939)
  • TPS-3153 [7.1.1] Soap Service non-default env contexts missing (TESB-25509) - Note: If applied to a Studio without TPS-3010 (7.1.1 Spring 19) applied before the Talend Cloud Preferences will show the new Accesstoken option as default

This patch also includes the following patches:

  • TPS-3159 [7.1.1] Possible thread lock during git update operation (TUP-22713)
  • TPS-3144 [7.1.1] context variable used in Additional WHERE Clauses not "evaluated" when 2 tELTOracleMap linked (TUP-22627)
  • TPS-3158 [7.1.1] twriteJsonField consumed 100% CPU (TESB-25705)
  • TPS-3102 [7.1.1][20190531] Context variable Value in tELTHiveMap Map Editor(expression column) is not Set correctly at Runtime (TBD-8566)
  • TPS-3131 [7.1.1]Change the check from internet in NetworkUtil.isNetworkValid()(TUP-22940)
  • TPS-3098 [7.1.1]Job in CI Builder gets generated and deployed, but doesn't show as a Tag (TUP-22681)
  • TPS-3099 [7.1.1]20190524] Bigquery components throw NumberFormatException in 7.1.1 (TBD -8573)
  • TPS-3108 [7.1.1]Job with component tSAPIDOCOutput not getting built (TUP-22804)
  • TPS-3111 [7.1.1]NPE code generation on tRestRequest Components(TESB-25693)
  • TPS-3031 [7.1.1]tMap lost look-up details (TUP-22435)
  • TPS-3093 [7.1.1]CI Builder doesn't add stats to any builds, even though the source is good(TUP-22683)
  • TPS-3095 [7.1.1]Problem of performances when login / save project (TUP-22735)
  • TPS-3119 [7.1.1]TPS-3038 overwrites TPS-2820 (TBD -8621)
  • TPS-3125 [7.1.1]Fix problem of patch (TUP-22924)
  • TPS-3084 [7.1.1]Null pointer exception when executing the jobs (TUP-22438)
  • TPS-3074 [7.1.1]NullPointerException When you try to publish a job as docker (TUP-21983)
  • TPS-3060 [7.1.1]Docker Image with tRestClient component (TESB-25045)
  • TPS-2990 [7.1.1]Non-default Artifactory context path, not working (Artifact, shared libs, talend-update, Studio) (TUP-22182)
  • TPS-3010 [7.1.1]Talend Studio - Spring 19 Patch (AccessToken Support) (TESB-24842)
  • TPS-3038 [7.1.1]Unchecking 'Use Timestamp format for Date type' checkbox in tFileOutputParquet gives compilation error (TBD-8500)
  • TPS-2950 [7.1.1]tMap losing all links in testcase when we do some modification in the main job in the same component (TUP-21252)
  • TPS-3065 [7.1.1]Stackoverflow issue in studio (TUP-22425)
  • TPS-3028 [7.1.1]Missing Signature in Business Model item => cannot export / import even in 7.1.1 (TUP-22347)
  • TPS-2994 [7.1.1]Comment in the query in tJDBCInput component does not work if the job is migrated from 6.2.1 to 7.1.1 (TDI-41898)
  • TPS-2921 [7.1.1]tElasticSearch components receiving nullpointer (TBD-8270)
  • TPS-3042 [7.1.1]The exception NoSuchDatabaseException:Database"xxxx"not found (TBD-8077)
  • TPS-2972 [7.1.1]Run Testcase instance fails : java.lang.NullPointerException (TUP-22015)
  • TPS-2975 [7.1.1]Importing a job from 6.2.1 to 7.1.1 is throwing error (TDI-41876)
  • TPS-2979 [7.1.1]Default endpoint URI not added to context variable endpoint in cRest (TESB-24920)
  • TPS-2982 [7.1.1]Metadata information is not stored properly for Sysbase DB (TUP-22268)
  • TPS-2966 [7.1.1]Problems handling SAP HANA Objects in Talend Studio (TUP-21999)
  • TPS-2926 [7.1.1]Commit to Git frequently without any user action (TUP-21922)
  • TPS-2978 [7.1.1]Intermittent "ClassNotFoundException: javax.mail.Address" errors (TESB-25164)
  • TPS-2980 [7.1.1]Published routeName_jobName jar file with size zero in Nexus. (TESB-25130)
  • TPS-2946 [7.1.1]Issue with cREST configured with resource class (TESB-25033)
  • TPS-2888 [7.1.1]tDBConnection(Snowflake) issue within joblet(TUP-21105)
  • TPS-2879 [7.1.1]OnSubJob Links Not Working(TUP-21333)
  • TPS-2964 [7.1.1]Unexpected Empty Contexts Variable Values (TUP-22005)
  • TPS-2925 [7.1.1]job run well on studio but failed after build (TUP-21871)
  • TPS-2937 [7.1.1]Job migrated from 6.5.1 to 7.1.1 throwing UNEXPECTED_EXCEPTION (TDI-41803)
  • TPS-2932 [7.1.1]Build job takes about 4 minutes while Run job takes > 40 minutes to start (TUP-21911)
  • TPS-2909 [7.1.1]An error has occurred. UNEXPECTED_EXCEPTION when opening job migrated 6.4.1 to 7.1.1 (job using tJDBCInput) (TUP-21895)
  • TPS-2904 [7.1.1]NPE when importing job
  • TPS-2903 [7.1.1]Import 701 job get error 'Unknown value in the list / Value set not supported by the component' (TDI-41324)
  • TPS-2874 [7.1.1]tImpalaConnection component not able to build libraries (TUP-21710)
  • TPS-2897 [7.1.1]"talend-bigdata-launcher-1.2.0-20170410.jar" not found when spark job launched from standard job by jobserver (TBD-7933, TBD-8276)
  • TPS-2783 [7.1.1]Add support for Elasticsearch 6.x - Spark Streaming (TBD-7700)
  • TPS-2860 [7.1.1]Standard DI job which refers to big data batch job having S3 component and standard DI job having S3 connection component fails with an error. (TUP-21532)
  • TPS-2848 [7.1.1]Error write data to S3 using the S3a file systsem in the spark job (TBD-8145)
  • TPS-2833 [7.1.1]In studio Java Debugging of Routes fails (TUP-21005)
  • TPS-2859 [7.1.1]Issue with POM/dependencies causing working jobs to suddenly fail with Could not find or load main class (TUP-21127)
  • TPS-2811 [7.1.1]JDBC connection will not commit even if autocommit is set to True (TUP-21160)
  • TPS-2782 [7.1.1]ESB - CI for ESB - Update 1 (TESB-24058)


Consider the following requirements for your system:

  • Talend Studio 7.1.1 must be installed.

  • To be able to publish docker images in studio, please set maven online mode in Preferences and publish it once to download several missing jars/poms, then switch back to offline mode.

  • To make TPS-2990 totally work with TAC, please install TPS-3085 also.

  • To make TPS-3099 totally work, please install TPS-3140 also.
  • To make TPS-3098 totally work, please replace the builder-maven-plugin-7.1.1.jar into "{Studio_Home}/configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/ci/builder-maven-plugin/7.1.1" from "repository/org/talend/ci/builder-maven-plugin/7.1.1" in patch zip. And this TPS adds a parameter "-Dtalend.project.branch" for CI, you can use this parameter in MAVEN_OPTS, it will force every jobs built with this setting branch.(eg: -Dtalend.project.branch=tags/mytag)


Installing the patch for Cloud Studio

  • If you want to fetch license by cloud token 1) Get the which is under the folder named "configuration/org.talend.configurator" from patch zip 2) Replace the from "{Studio_Home}/configuration/org.talend.configurator" with the file from patch zip
  • If you want to use CI with Cloud token 1) Get the file cloudpublisher-maven-plugin-7.1.1.jar which is under the folder named "repository/org/talend/ci/cloudpublisher-maven-plugin/7.1.1" from patch zip 2) Copy the file cloudpublisher-maven-plugin-7.1.1.jar into Talend Studio in "/configuration/.m2/repository/org/talend/ci/cloudpublisher-maven-plugin/7.1.1"

Installing the patch using Software update

1) Logon TAC and switch to Configuration->Software Update, then enter the correct values and save referring to the documentation:

2) Switch to Software update page, where the new patch will be listed. The patch can be downloaded from here into the nexus repository.

3) On Studio Side: Logon Studio with remote mode, on the logon page the Update button is displayed: click this button to install the patch.

Installing the patch using Talend Studio

1) Create a folder named "patches" under your studio installer directory and copy the patch .zip file to this folder.

2) Restart your studio: a window pops up, then click OK to install the patch, or restart the commandline and the patch will be installed automatically.

Installing the patch using Commandline

Execute the following commands:

  1. Talend-Studio-win-x86_64.exe -nosplash -application org.talend.commandline.CommandLine -consoleLog -data commandline-workspace startServer -p 8002 --talendDebug
  2. initRemote {tac_url} -ul {TAC login username} -up {TAC login password}
  3. checkAndUpdate -tu {TAC login username} -tup {TAC login password}