Viewing the log of activity on the MDM server - 6.3

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The mdm.log file, which is stored in the <$INSTALLDIR>/logs directory, contains a log of activity on the MDM server, including warnings and functional errors which may be useful for debugging potential issues that could arise. Users who do not have direct access to the filesystem on the remote server on which MDM server is installed can still view the contents of the log file directly from within Talend Studio or in a browser, provided they have been assigned the administration role, or from the log console provided by Talend MDM Web User Interface.

For more information about accessing the log console from Talend MDM Web User Interface, see Talend MDM Web User Interface User Guide.

To view the mdm.log file in Talend Studio, do the following:

  1. In the studio main window, in the Server Explorer panel, right-click the connection to the server where MDM server is installed, and then click View Server Log.

    A Console opens displaying the most recent contents of the mdm.log file.

    This view is updated automatically when the contents of the mdm.log file change, and you can manage these updates using the buttons in the toolbar, for instance to pause the update, clear the console, or reload its content.

  2. To download a copy of the complete log file to your local machine, click the download button , specify the download location in the [Download server log] dialog box that opens, and then click OK.

To view the mdm.log file in a browser, do the following:

  1. In your browser, enter the following address: http://<host>:<port>/talendmdm/logviewer/logviewer.html (for instance, http://localhost:8180/talendmdm/logviewer/logviewer.html).

  2. Enter the user name and password of an account with administrator rights.

    The MDM Log Viewer opens.