How to view in-process data - 6.3

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At any stage of your Job execution, you might want to check the actual data being processed, either before you run the Job (on the input component) or after the Job has been executed to view quickly the output (on the output component).

Result Data Viewer

The Data Viewer feature is available on all components that handle data flows (as input or output) and allows you to view the data the way it has been set. You will thus be able to spot any setting errors.

  1. On your Job Design, select the input component.

  2. Right-click and select Data Viewer from the pop-up menu.

    The [Data Viewer] dialog box displays the content of the component selected.

    You can set the display parameters and filter the content, as described in the table below:




    Enter the maximum number of rows to be displayed per page.


    Enter the maximum number of rows to be displayed in the viewer.


    Select the Null check box above a given column to filter any null values from the column.


    Enter a condition on which to filter the content displayed.

  3. Click Set parameters and continue to go to the [Select context] dialog box.

    From the drop-down context list, you can select the context variables you want to verify.

    If you are using the Data viewer along with a Hadoop distribution, see How to view the data stored in Hadoop from the Studio.

Raw Data Viewer

Some components (of the File family) provide also an extra tab in the viewer. This tab shows the raw data content as it is in the actual file.

This file content viewer shows the data as it is in the file disregarding your setting. This can be convenient to spot the files that are not well formed.