Selecting a task from the studio - 6.3

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You have several ways to select a task from Talend Studio main window. You can, for example, use:

  • a menu - submenu combination, or

  • a toolbar icon, or

  • a right-click list, or

  • shortcut keys.

Example 1: To show a view in Talend Studio main window, either:

  • use the Window > Show View... menu - submenu combination, or,

  • use the Alt+Shift+Q, Q shortcut key.

Example 2: To execute a job, a route or an analysis, do one of the followings :

  • use the run icon on the toolbar, or

  • right-click the job, route or analysis you want to execute and select the run option from the contextual menu, or

  • use the F6 shortcut key.