Roles and access control - 6.3

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In order to establish clear user roles and responsibilities, Talend Studio offers a very fine-grained role-based security feature that involves the Studio and the Web User Interface as follow:

  • The role-based security is defined centrally in Talend Studio by the MDM administrator and/or designer of the Data Model. For further information, see Creating a user role.

  • The user management is covered by decentralized business people via Talend MDM Web User Interface. Their task is, for instance, to assign a new user to a functional role (or to several roles). For further information, see Talend MDM Web User Interface User Guide.

For each user role, it is possible to define:

  • role permission (Read and Write or Read only),

  • which data objects or items pertained in data objects are accessible.

The main data objects for which you can set access control are:

  • Data containers: grant permission to store data in different containers,

  • Data models: grant permission to define or modify data entities,

  • Items: grant record-based access in read-only or write modes,

  • Menus: grant access for business users to menus in Talend MDM Web User Interface,

  • Processes: define the actions a user can trigger,

  • Views: offer access, search and filter functions on data via Talend MDM Web User Interface.

Access restrictions are applied immediately upon successful connection to the MDM Hub.