Modifying an established parser rule set - 6.3

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Prerequisite(s):A set of parser rules has been created in the Profiling perspective of the studio.

To modify a parser rule set, proceed as follows:

  1. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Libraries > Rules > Parser.

  2. Right-click the rule set you need to modify and from the contextual menu, select Open.

    The selected rule set is opened on the Parser Rule Settings view.

  3. From the Parser Rule Metadata view, modify the descriptive information about the current rule set by simply entering the texts of interest in the corresponding fields.


    If required, select a customized status for the rule set you are modifying in the Status field. For further information about different status settings, see Status management.

  4. From the Parser Rule view, modify each individual rule of the current rule set.

    You can also use the toolbar docked under the Parser Rules table of the Parser Rule area to modify the rules.

    To hide or display either of the areas, click the title of the area accordingly.

    The following table gives detail information about this toolbar.



    Click this button to add one rule to the rule set. You can click it as many times as the number of rules you need to add.

    Select the rule you need to remove from the rule set and then click this button to remove it.

    Select the rule you need to move up or down in the Parser Rules table and then click either of the buttons to move it accordingly.

    Select the rule you need to copy and then click this button to copy it.

    Once you have copied a rule from the Parser Rules table, click this button to paste it at the end of the rule list in the same table.

    Click this button to open the rule test view in the studio workspace. In this test view, you can test a given set of parser rules against, for example, your sample data in order to discover the points to improve of this set of rules.

    For further information about how to test parser rules, see Testing a set of parser rules