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This section describes how to define a simple Web Service schema (Simple WSDL). For information about how to define an Advanced Web Service schema, see Setting up an advanced schema.

Defining general properties

  1. In the Repository, expand the Metadata node.

  2. Right-click Web Service and select Create WSDL schema from the context menu list.

  3. Enter the generic schema information such as its Name and Description.

  4. Click Next to select the schema type in step 2.

Selecting the type of schema (Simple)

In this step, you need to indicate whether you want to create a simple or an advanced schema. In this example, a simple schema is created.

  1. In the dialog box, select the Simple WSDL option.

  2. Click Next to continue.

Specifying the URI and method

This step involves the definition of the URI and other parameters required to obtain the desired values.

In the Web Service Parameter zone:

  1. Enter the URI which will transmit the desired values, in the WSDL field, in this example.

  2. If necessary, select the Need authentication? check box and then enter your authentication information in the User and Password fields.

  3. If you use an http proxy, select the Use http proxy check box and enter the information required in the host, Port, user and password fields.

  4. Enter the Method name in the corresponding field, GetCountryByCountryCode in this example.

  5. In the Value table, Add or Remove values as desired, using the corresponding buttons.

  6. Click Refresh Preview to check that the parameters have been entered correctly.

    In the Preview tab, the values to be transmitted by the Web Service method are displayed, based the parameters entered.

Finalizing the end schema

You can modify the schema name (metadata, by default) and modify the schema itself using the tool bar.

  1. Add or delete columns using the and buttons.

  2. Modify the order of the columns using the and buttons.

  3. Click Finish.

    The new schema is added to the Repository under the Web Service node. You can now drop it onto the design workspace as a tWebServiceInput component in your Job.