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To open a remote project, you must first create a connection to the repository on which the project is stored and make sure you have access rights to the project. For further information on creating a connection to a remote repository, see the Getting Started Guide.

To open a remote project in Talend Studio:

  1. On the Connection area of the Studio login window, select the connection to the repository in which the project is stored from the Connection list.


    As soon as you are connected with Talend Administration Center and if an update for your Studio is found, an update button appears at the bottom of the login window and the Open button becomes inoperable. Click update to download and install the update. When the installation completes, click the restart button that appears next to the update button to restart your Studio so that the newly installed update takes effect. For more information on the software update process, see the Talend Installation Guide.

  2. Click the Refresh button to update the list of existing projects, which are the projects allocated to you in Talend Administration Center.

    Note that, if an administrator edits your access rights on a project while you are already connected to this project in the Studio, you have to relaunch the Studio to take these rights into account.

  3. From the project list, select the project you want to open.

  4. From the Branch list, select the trunk (SVN only) or master (Git only), a branch, or a tag, whichever is desired.


    A tag is a read-only copy of an SVN or Git managed project. If you choose to open a tag, you can make changes to your project items but you will be unable to permanently save your changes to a Job unless you copy the Job to a branch or the trunk. For how to copy a Job to a branch, see How to copy a Job to a branch.

  5. Click Finish to launch the selected project in the Studio.

A progress bar appears, and the Talend Studio main window opens. A generation engine initialization dialog box displays. Wait until the initialization is complete.

Upon opening a remote project, Talend Studio checks periodically its connection with Talend Administration Center.

When Talend Studio detects loss of connection, it tries automatically to reconnect to Talend Administration Center. You can view the connection progress on the Progress tab by double-clicking Check Administrator connection at the lower right corner of the Talend Studio main window. If you click the button at this phase, the project will enter the read-only mode.

Once Talend Studio detects that you have been logged out by an administrator in Talend Administration Center, a confirmation dialog box appears asking you whether to reconnect to Talend Administration Center.

Click Yes to reconnect to Talend Administration Center. Talend Studio will perform an authorization check when trying a reconnection. A warning will be displayed and the project will enter the read-only mode if:

  • you no longer have access to the project you have opened, or

  • you no longer have access to any reference project of the project you have opened, or

  • the number of reference projects of the project you have opened has changed.

If your access right to the project you have opened has changed from read-write to read-only, or if you click No in the confirmation dialog box, the project directly goes into the read-only mode.

When the project is in the read-only mode, you can still edit the Job or Jobs currently open in the design workspace, and changes you make will be committed to the SVN or Git the next time you log in to Talend Administration Center with read-write access to the project.